Social justice and social mobility: Implications for careers education and guidance

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This is a presentation that I gave to the CDI in February 2021. I then posted it on the Career Guidance for Social Justice website on the 25th February. I’m reposting it here for completeness on this site and in case you missed it. But it is well worth subscribing to the Career Guidance for Social Justice site as well.

In this presentation, which I gave to the Career Development Institute‘s East of England group in February 2021, I talk about how career guidance can contribute to social mobility. I then go on to talk about some of the problems with social mobility as a concept and suggest that we might want to move beyond this idea towards a broader idea of social justice.

I’m posting the full presentation as well as the questions that I answered here as a YouTube video.

If you want to adapt and reuse the slides that I put together for this presentation, you are also welcome to do that.

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